CSS3 и сянката…

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  1. Orirty-web says:

    Благодаря за интересната информация

  2. так, напэўна так і ёсць

  3. ок измените шрифты плохо видно

  4. Ape says:

    Valuable information and excellent website you got here! I would like to thank you for sharing your ideas and time into the stuff you post!! Thumbs up

  5. Someone I work with checks your site out quite often and passed it along to me. The writing style is solid and the content is relevant. Thank you for the insight you offer the subscribers!

  6. Do you have an rss feed (or whatever its called)? I couldn’t find it. Sorry, but I am not blonde 😉

  7. Boris Delev says:

    Yep – http://borisdelev.bs-d.us/feed/ 🙂
    /top menu in right/

  1. 2010/11/10

    […] Междувременно може да прочетете по простичко, как се прави – тук. […]

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