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Acer Liquid – Unboxing and preview

Acer’s Snapdragon’ed Android Handset Gets Groped…By the Brits

We knew about Acer’s 1GHz-Snapdragon-packing Android phone, the uncomfortably named Liquid A1 (it just sounds dirty to me), but as it’s not been announced for us freedom-loving Amurricans, we haven’t been tracking it too closely. Now it’s finally out in the UK, and it’s been unboxed and groped, and all in all, it’s sort of disappointing. It’s thicker than we’d expected, and that sexy 1GHz proc has been underclocked by about 25% for some reason we can’t fathom. Luckily the video shows that it still runs buttery smooth (opening the applications tray is smoother than on my Droid) but it’s still an odd choice to dumb down one of the best mobile processors on the market. Take a look at the video for more.

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